21 August 2017

I didn't know self care was important till I got my daughter. Don't get me wrong I love my daughter but when you are with a  toddler 24/7 you need to take care of yourself....cause happy mama, happy baby. I found ways of getting 'mommy me time' even if it's late at night when everyone is asleep. A few minutes to myself is all I need to recharge cause running after a toddler, all day, can be quite the workout.

Mama or not how do you take care of yourself?

On to the outfit, I wore a beaded blazer with denim & embellished grandma shoes. I can get with embellished shoes & blazer cause it's very subtle and they aren't competing.


24 July 2017

It's so cold in Nairobi I have to take my leather jacket out,peep my daughter with a 'space suit hehehe. I styled my jacket with a  striped dress & booties.What I like about this dress is the details. The wrap detail draw your eyes to the waist creating the illusion of a smaller waist & also the diagonal stripes help with that. I love dresses cause they are easy to style not like separates.

If you like dresses how to style them?

I hope you are keeping warm if you are in Nairobi & enjoying the weather wherever you are. Great week ahead.


3 July 2017

I love clothes & at times I buy more than I need or get bored with what I have. I was watching the KonMari method of decluttering & I liked her techniques. Like you should keep items that spark joy, for example, this white crop top makes me so happy but I can't wear it at the moment cause I'm in a commited relationship with bread hehehe. Nway I'll be sharing my main tips of decluttering your closet.

1. Do You Feel Good Wearing It?
 It can be an old sweater or a dress that you've styled a million times. No matter how old or out of style it is, you should always feel good in what you are wearing.

2. Keep The Basics.
I know at times you want to declutter when you are in an emotional space. During my postpartum period was super emo cause I had gained weight & didn't really know how to style my new body. When I decluttered my wardrobe I kept the basics cause I would restyle those items in so many ways.

3. Does It Fit?
At times we lose weight  and still wear the same clothes or buy a dress that one size up & or down in hopes it will fit or it will be altered by your tailor. If doesn't fit you or you haven't altered it just give it away.

4.When Was The Last Time Your Wore It?
There are clothes I have had for years & I have not worn them. When I'm decluttering those are the first to go, cause there is a reason they are collecting dust in my closet. Maybe I don't like how it fits, or its over- sized, too tight etc.

5.Does It Fit With My Style At The Moment?
Mostly your are not wearing your once favourite top cause your style has evolved. Give it away & get something that suit your aesthetic.

What are the tips & tricks you use when you are decluttering?


19 June 2017

I hope you all had an amazing weekend.Today on the blog I'll be talking about photography. I'm not an expert but I will share how I take the photos you see on the blog & what I have learnt.

1.Equipment used ; Dslr Camera, Remote Conrol & Tripod.

2.Know your camera ; 'The best camera is the one you have with you'... (you can take photos with any camera) but if  that camera is a digital camera please learn about Aperture, ISO & Shutter Speed.
  • Aperture ; Helps to control what you want to be in focus ,depth of field, especially when you are doing portraits or outfit photos. The lower the number ,measured in f stops, for example f 4.5 the more blurry the background.
  • Shutter Speed; How long your camera shutter stays open to expose the sensor to light.. For example a shutter of 100 means your shutter speed is open to 1/100 of a second. Sutter speed helps to capture motion. So if you use a high shutter speed  motion will be frozen for example when someone is running. I usually use a slower shutter speed (1/100 -1/250) cause I'm usually standing or moving very slowly.
  • ISO; How sensitive your sensor is to light. If you use a higher ISO you might introduce noise to your image & will make your image grainy. I usually set it to 250 -320.
3. When you take your photos ; I usually take in the morning or evening, when sun is not out. At times the only time  I get to shoot is at 1 or 2 pm so I try to find somewhere with a shade to take the photos.

4. Take the photos ; Now everything is set up is time to stand infront of your camera to take the photos. It can be awkward at the beginning but try different poses at differnt angles. I usually adjust my tripod to get different angles. For a detail shot like if I want to show my jewellery I move closer to the camera. I also love a blurry background  so I don't lean on walls/ doors.

I'm also on the hunt to learn new photography techniques. My favourite youtube channels are Mango StreetJessicca Kobeissi & COOPH.

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