29 May 2017

The weather in Nairobi can be so unpredicatable. You can leave your house in the morning while its raining & by noon it's super sunny especially during the cold/ rainy season. During this time I like or I wear outfits that can be layered easily & still look like I put some effort to my outfit. This my favourite jumpsuit to layer cause of the neckline.

I styled  my wide leg jumpsuit with a striped shirt & a blazer. I unbuttoned the shirt (halfway) to create a different dimmension/layer by exposing a bit of the jumpsuit. Then wore a skinny belt to emphasize the waist.

Outfit - Thrifted
Photography - Self Portrait


25 May 2017

Long time no post. I shot a whole bunch of photos the other day but I didn't like how they turned out.

As I was editing these photos,  I remembered how hard it was to style my post baby body just after giving birth. I had new set of boobs, hips & a muffin top. The first few months I was always in tights, tshirts & sweatpants. Then I gradually moved to jeggings & I'm now in love with mommy jeans, perfect for hiding  my muffin top. I also learnt a plunging neckline / v neck will give the illusion of smaller boobs.

On  to the outfit... I love how a simple detail can add a statement to your outfit & these bell sleeves did that. I paired my top with mommy jeans, they are high waisted  just perfect to snatch  hide my muffin top & give me extra length.

How has your style changed over the years?

Photography - Self Portrait
Outfit - Thrifted

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