16 October 2011

dots,dots & my beaded brooch

gold earrings->>>arti-arte

I got this dress before the dots craze, loved the kimono "shaping" on this piece.i don't mind the polka dots but bigger dots & some oval definitely adds a little spice to this dress.


Just Sew Sassy via Outsapop......

You’ll  need....
  • rack
  • ribbon
  • paint
~>Paint your rack & leave it to dry
~>Tie the ribbon on the rack's handle
~>Hang your jewelery

DIY....................ANKARA RING

4 October 2011

You'll need
  • UHU(or any all purpose adhesive except super glue hehehe) 
  • ring holder(i used leather ring holders by arti-arte)              
  • buttons                                                                             
How to…..                            
Cut the shank from the bottom of the button(glitter-n-glue)
> Apply UHU on the ring holder & back of the button             
>Press the button on the ring holder & leave it to dry          
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