20 January 2012

  1. Make a paper pattern of the jabot.
  2. Place the paper pattern on the fabric.
  3. Cut  your fabric on fold.
  4. Fold & iron.
  5. Stitch to hold the jabot in place.
If you have a sewing machine & you want a detachable jabot you can make a buttonhole band or attach with a safety pin.You can also stitch your jabot to your dress,t-shirt or sweater.


  1. I liked how this turned out but the directions are really confusing, there are no measurements and it feels like some important steps are missing. This jabot looks great i just wish i could make it.

  2. Sorry for the late reply...
    1.I used a jabot collar,that I already had, and traced on paper to get my pattern.
    2.Fold your fabric & place paper pattern on the fold.
    3.Cut your fabric.
    4.Open the your fabric.
    5.Fold the fabric into the shape of a jabot & iron.
    6.Pin your jabot,to hold in place, and sew.

  3. I'm sorry to be commenting on this so many years later but i just discovered this was a style and I am already obsessed. I searched until I finally came upon your blog and immediately bookmark it to come create the look later. But upon farther inspection I feel that there are very important steps missing. And therefore I am lost on how to beginning. I see your response to a earlier comment asking a similar qestion, although your reply is a good I still have a few more specifc questions. If you will permit. I do not already own a jabot to use as a template, so what measurement should my starting fabric be? In order to properly cut my fabric can you give me a idea on a shape to draw that will help when tracing and later folding of fabric? I'm thinking a triangle ,that tapers towards the end with a circular top to better fit up to collar. With these question answerers I feel confident that I can execute this diy with proficiency. Thank you for your time, I look forward wit your replay

  4. I think your idea and instructions are brilliant, thankyou for sharing

  5. Love it! I'm going to try it for my son, he will perform at school dressed up as a gentleman, so it's top hat, long coat, jabot, shirt...thanks!!

  6. this is just what I was looking for, for the costume I'm making, thank you!

  7. Does someone have a pattern ?


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