Jerk Chicken

3 November 2014

I fell in love with jerk chicken at a likkle Jamaican restaurant near our house.

The marinade.....
1.1 tsp apple cider vinegar
2.pinch of nutmeg
3.2 tsp cinnamon powder
4.1 tsp ground cloves
5.2 cloves of garlic
6.2 tsp dried thyme
7.mixed spices(cumin,cardamon,cloves)
8.1 red onions
9.pinch of salt & sugar

Blend your marinade & marinate your chicken overnight for best result.

Remove your chicken from the marinade & brown it on both sides.I used a non-stick pan on low heat.

Remove chicken from pan & add 1 onion & saute for a minute.

Add your chicken & the marinade and cook for 5-10 minutes,my chicken was pre-boiled cause chicken stock.

I served my chicken with stir fry veggies & grilled potatoes.You can also grill your jerk chicken.

Happy New Week.

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