My Natural Hair Routine

21 April 2015

I big chopped two years ago & I have been experimenting with different products & styles to grow healthy hair.I change my routine once in a while to add new products,to stop what doesn't work & at times to just have fun with my hair.

My hair routine....

Wash Day.
I wash my hair weekly.I usually co-wash(washing hair with a conditioner) & shampoo once a month with black soap.After washing I do a herbal hair rinse or onion water rinse.

Hot Oil Treatment.
I warm coconut oil by placing it in a container with warm water.Then I massage the oil into my scalp then cover it with a plastic container.I can let the oil sit in my hair for 30 minutes or overnight for best results.Then I deep condition my hair.

Hair Rinse.
1.Herbal Hair Rinse...I boil rosemary with water & let it cool.Strain & then I rinse my hair with the infused water.
2.Onion Water....I add dried onion skins in a glass jar & add hot water.I let it steep overnight then use it as a final rinse when I wash my hair.Helps with dandruff.

Deep Condition/Protein Treatment.
I do it weekly after co-washing.I make my own deep condition with mayo,hibiscus powder,honey,coconut milk, my oil mix.I can't stand eggs at the moment.

Moisturizing Natural Hair.
I moisturize daily.My hair is low porosity, so it needs all the help it can get. I use a diy leave-in conditioner.My Spritz bottle has water,aloe vera gel,honey & at times I add store bought leave in conditioner.Then I lock in the moisture with my oil mix(coconut & avocado) & seal with my whipped shea butter(shea butter,coconut oil,jbco,avocado oil).

I use styling gels for my low manipulation hair styles.I use flax seed gel & I recently bought Eco styler gel with olive oil & it's just perfect for my wash-n-gos.


13 April 2015

I'm having so much fun styling my bump.Paired my zebra print dress with a denim shirt,neon neck piece & embellished maasai sandals.Happy new week


7 April 2015

I changed my hair regimen & I love how my hair is responding.I'm into low manipulation styles at the moment & twist are my fav cause they ate,im always hungry lol, are so easy to do.On to my outfit,stretch fabric is your bff when you are bumping.This is a maxi dress I bought pre-pregnancy & at 24 weeks I can still wear it.


4 April 2015

You'll need;
1 frozen banana
1/4 cup strawberries
vanilla extract/essence
1/2 cup milk

>>Add your ingredients to your blender & blend till ice cream consistency.
>>Transfer ice cream to a freezer container.
>>Freeze until solid.
>>Scoop with ice cream scoop or just a regular spoon & serve.

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