21 May 2015

I love overnight oats cause its so easy to make & you can tweak it with your favourite seeds,nuts,dried fruits or fresh fruits.It's my fav in-between meals snack but its perfect for breakfast or lunch.

You'll need;
1/4 cup Oats(use jumbo oats/rolled oats)
1/4 cup Yoghurt
Sesame Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Crushed Almonds

1.Add all your ingredients to a mason jar/container with a lid.
2.Fasten the lid & shake till everything is combined.
3.Refrigerate overnight.
4.Serve cold or warm.


11 May 2015

Week 30 woop woop... 10 more weeks till DH & I meet our baby. Talking of DH,he saw this dress & was like uhmmm why is the band/waist so low?...hehehe. Nway I love my drop waist dress cause there is so much room for the bump. I also like how over-sized the top is & just below the bump,elastic band holds everything together. My hair is an old bantu knot out. Happy new week.
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