Whipped Nappy Cream

4 September 2015

I use raw shea butter & coconut oil for my hair & body because of their moisturizing properties so I knew it would be perfect as a diaper/nappy rash cream.

Benefits of Coconut Oil
1.Contains Vitamin E which is excellent for hydrating your skin.
2.Softens the skin.
3.Mimics sebum in your skin so it can clear dirt & dead skin.
4.Has anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties.

Benefits of Raw Shea Butter
1. Has Vitamin A & E which promote skin elasticity & soothes irritating and painful rashes.
2.Contains essential fatty acids & has moisturizing anti-oxidant compounds.
3.It has anti-inflammatory,anti-fungal & yeast killing properties.

You'll need;
Coconut Oil (cold pressed)
Raw Shea Butter
Hand Blender/Spoon/Fork

How to whip the cream;
In a bowl add your shea butter & coconut oil & whip it real good.
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