24 June 2016

As a first mom I'm always clueless,most times lol, but this essentials have made mommy life easier.

1.Catch It All Bib;

When I was shopping for my baby I didn't think bibs were as important so I bought 4 fabric bibs. We managed with the bibs till I introduced solids to my baby.The first meal I used all the bibs.I was so confused,now all my bibs are wet what will I use for the next meal.I used her vests hehehe but I just had to find a better alternative. I googled & I found catch-it-all bibs,aka just wipe & you are done bibs. Luckily I found some at Biashara Street & I have never washed a bib again.

2.Potato Masher;

A potato masher is great cause you get to define how smooth you want your baby food to be. A blender is great for the first month but afterwards when you don't want super smooth food, masher will do & it is also easier to clean.By now you've figured I'm a lazy mother hehehe jk.

3.Shampoo/Conditioner Eye Shield;

This is great when you start that natural hair journey lol. You can even use with baby soaps cause some have irritants. They have elastic band so they are gentle on baby scalp/head. Don't be fooled by the photo,she loves it.I got mine at Tuskys.

4. Wide Tooth Comb;

I think everyone should use a wide tooth comb.It is gentle on your kinks,coils or coils. Combing my daughter's hair is super easy breezy.

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