27 March 2017

If you love cropped pants then you will love cullotes. They are fun & easy to style. When I bought this pair I wished it was black in colour, cause I think this colour is a bit limiting to what I have in my wardrobe. I styled my cullotes with a romper, though the cullotes came with a lining cause of the sheer fabric, and barely there block heels. Oh my daughter decided to photobomb.

Do you love cropped pants?  How do you style them?

Have a lovely week ahead.


20 March 2017

I love a denim on denim ensemble but I try as much as possible not to look like I have worn a onesie. The best way to do that is to pair different washes. I styled my outfit with different shades of blue, a light wash top with a medium wash. I accessorized with a multi-coloured bracelet for some colour & block heels.

What is your favourite way to style your denim?

Outfit - Thrifted
Photograhpy - Self Portrait


13 March 2017

I love tweaking pieces in my wardrobe just to upstlye what you already have. For this diy I made a frayed uneven hem with my favourite mommy jeans.

You'll need;
Seam ripper (optional).
Marker or chalk.

I unravelled the hem with a seam ripper or you can just cut above the hem with a pair of scissors. Your jeans will start to fray & once you wash your jeans the frayed hem will be noticeable.
Mark the side of the hem, front or back, you want to be uneven. Cut & let it fray lol.

Outfit - Thrifted.
Photography - Self portrait.


6 March 2017

Happy new week......

I have had this dress for a couple of years but never wore it because of a wardrobe malfunction I had with a wrap dress, eventhough this is a faux dress. So when I wore it, I was pleasantly surprised how well it behaved lol. I styled the dress with black block heels cause of the abstract prints on the dress.

How would you style a wrap (faux) dress?

*Apologies for the over-exposed photos.

Outfit - Thrifted.
Photography - Self Portrait.

Lovely week ahead.

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