19 June 2017

I hope you all had an amazing weekend.Today on the blog I'll be talking about photography. I'm not an expert but I will share how I take the photos you see on the blog & what I have learnt.

1.Equipment used ; Dslr Camera, Remote Conrol & Tripod.

2.Know your camera ; 'The best camera is the one you have with you'... (you can take photos with any camera) but if  that camera is a digital camera please learn about Aperture, ISO & Shutter Speed.
  • Aperture ; Helps to control what you want to be in focus ,depth of field, especially when you are doing portraits or outfit photos. The lower the number ,measured in f stops, for example f 4.5 the more blurry the background.
  • Shutter Speed; How long your camera shutter stays open to expose the sensor to light.. For example a shutter of 100 means your shutter speed is open to 1/100 of a second. Sutter speed helps to capture motion. So if you use a high shutter speed  motion will be frozen for example when someone is running. I usually use a slower shutter speed (1/100 -1/250) cause I'm usually standing or moving very slowly.
  • ISO; How sensitive your sensor is to light. If you use a higher ISO you might introduce noise to your image & will make your image grainy. I usually set it to 250 -320.
3. When you take your photos ; I usually take in the morning or evening, when sun is not out. At times the only time  I get to shoot is at 1 or 2 pm so I try to find somewhere with a shade to take the photos.

4. Take the photos ; Now everything is set up is time to stand infront of your camera to take the photos. It can be awkward at the beginning but try different poses at differnt angles. I usually adjust my tripod to get different angles. For a detail shot like if I want to show my jewellery I move closer to the camera. I also love a blurry background  so I don't lean on walls/ doors.

I'm also on the hunt to learn new photography techniques. My favourite youtube channels are Mango StreetJessicca Kobeissi & COOPH.


12 June 2017

All my life I had to thrift hehehe jk. I love love thrifting so much cause I get shop for unique pieces at an affordable time. I have learnt a few tips & tricks and today I want in going to shar

1. Have an open mind ; The ruffle detail is trending at the moment & you might see something online from maybe Zara. Please don't go expect that on a pile of clothes in Gikomba. I bought this ruffle cami for 10 kshs in Gikomba a few months ago. It doesn't look like anything I've seen online but it is still cute.

2.What to look for in the clothes you buy ; When you are buying clothes before paying go through each detail. Is it torn? Does it miss a button, zip or any embellishment? If you look closely my top is missing a button. I noticed when I was editing but found the button afterwwards. If it's something minor & fixable I usually buy it & do fix it myself.

3. When is the best time to shop ; When you are free or have time. There is a myth that if you go super early you get really nice stuff. At times you will but also you might be buying yesterday's stock. I have seen stock being opened at 3pm. Just develop your style first then you will have the best time thrifting.

4.Keep an eye on what the other shoppers are picking up ; These clothes are mostly in huge piles & at times you can't go through everything. If you see someone picking an item you like, first don't act interested,cause some people might think its cute & will not put it down hehehe, wait and see if they like it. If they put it down, meaning they don't like it, ask them to give you the item.

5. What to wear when thrifting ;  I usually like to wear either a sleeveless dress or a cami & skirt. I'm going to try on clothes & most of the places I shop at are open air so no changing rooms. With a skirt its easier to try on denim & a sleeveless top or dress I try on tops.

6. Where do I shop ; Gikomba,Mtindwa, Toi (not so much cause it's a bit far), Think Twice (Its a new thrifing concepts not open air, I get my denim there especcially Levi's)

What I'm wearing... Ruffle top & Levi's both thrifted.

If you love thrifting, where are favourite place to thrift?

Photograpy - Self portrait.


5 June 2017

Everytime I style an outfit I ask myself can I breastfeed my baby in it, even when I'm not with the baby lol. Short story....I few months ago a local radio presenter was surprised by her hubby in the studio & the hubs came with the baby. The baby started crying & mom had to excuse herself  to feed the baby. As I was watching the video I was like I hope she has separates hehehe.

I came to learn there is nothing as frustating as trying to feed your baby but you can't because of what you are wearing. I try to put together my momiform (mommy uniform)  to include separates that look cute but still will be perefcet for breastfeeding. Like a bodysuit & loose pants...separates but feeding the baby is next to impossible.

On to my outfit... I styled my tshirt (you can find the diy here) with loose pants & denim jacket. What I like about this oufit is I can play with my baby outside & oh still feed the baby cause its so comfortable, at times mommy jeans can be so uncomfortable though I love them.

If you are mommy do have a mommy uniform? If not how would you style loose pants?

Outfit - Thrifted.
Photography - Self portrait.

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