12 June 2017

All my life I had to thrift hehehe jk. I love love thrifting so much cause I get shop for unique pieces at an affordable time. I have learnt a few tips & tricks and today I want in going to shar

1. Have an open mind ; The ruffle detail is trending at the moment & you might see something online from maybe Zara. Please don't go expect that on a pile of clothes in Gikomba. I bought this ruffle cami for 10 kshs in Gikomba a few months ago. It doesn't look like anything I've seen online but it is still cute.

2.What to look for in the clothes you buy ; When you are buying clothes before paying go through each detail. Is it torn? Does it miss a button, zip or any embellishment? If you look closely my top is missing a button. I noticed when I was editing but found the button afterwwards. If it's something minor & fixable I usually buy it & do fix it myself.

3. When is the best time to shop ; When you are free or have time. There is a myth that if you go super early you get really nice stuff. At times you will but also you might be buying yesterday's stock. I have seen stock being opened at 3pm. Just develop your style first then you will have the best time thrifting.

4.Keep an eye on what the other shoppers are picking up ; These clothes are mostly in huge piles & at times you can't go through everything. If you see someone picking an item you like, first don't act interested,cause some people might think its cute & will not put it down hehehe, wait and see if they like it. If they put it down, meaning they don't like it, ask them to give you the item.

5. What to wear when thrifting ;  I usually like to wear either a sleeveless dress or a cami & skirt. I'm going to try on clothes & most of the places I shop at are open air so no changing rooms. With a skirt its easier to try on denim & a sleeveless top or dress I try on tops.

6. Where do I shop ; Gikomba,Mtindwa, Toi (not so much cause it's a bit far), Think Twice (Its a new thrifing concepts not open air, I get my denim there especcially Levi's)

What I'm wearing... Ruffle top & Levi's both thrifted.

If you love thrifting, where are favourite place to thrift?

Photograpy - Self portrait.

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