3 July 2017

I love clothes & at times I buy more than I need or get bored with what I have. I was watching the KonMari method of decluttering & I liked her techniques. Like you should keep items that spark joy, for example, this white crop top makes me so happy but I can't wear it at the moment cause I'm in a commited relationship with bread hehehe. Nway I'll be sharing my main tips of decluttering your closet.

1. Do You Feel Good Wearing It?
 It can be an old sweater or a dress that you've styled a million times. No matter how old or out of style it is, you should always feel good in what you are wearing.

2. Keep The Basics.
I know at times you want to declutter when you are in an emotional space. During my postpartum period was super emo cause I had gained weight & didn't really know how to style my new body. When I decluttered my wardrobe I kept the basics cause I would restyle those items in so many ways.

3. Does It Fit?
At times we lose weight  and still wear the same clothes or buy a dress that one size up & or down in hopes it will fit or it will be altered by your tailor. If doesn't fit you or you haven't altered it just give it away.

4.When Was The Last Time Your Wore It?
There are clothes I have had for years & I have not worn them. When I'm decluttering those are the first to go, cause there is a reason they are collecting dust in my closet. Maybe I don't like how it fits, or its over- sized, too tight etc.

5.Does It Fit With My Style At The Moment?
Mostly your are not wearing your once favourite top cause your style has evolved. Give it away & get something that suit your aesthetic.

What are the tips & tricks you use when you are decluttering?

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