20 February 2018

Happy New Year I hope it's not too late to say that lol. I made this tassel earrings last month but I wasn't able to post. My daughter was sick, I was sick aaargh this flu is something else. We are feeling better know.

Onto the tutorial... I love that tassel earrings are not a fad anymore. They keep coming back every time/season so I think they are must have for anyone you loves statement earrings. For this tutorial I used cotton (embroidery)
 thread but for better results please use silk thread.

You'll need...
1. Wrap thread around your fork (5 times) & snip at the centre of the fork. Make sure one of the thread is long.
2. Transfer the threads from the fork to the hoop earrings & tie a knot with the long thread to secure the tassel.
3. Trim the ends & style them with your favourite outfit.

Happy Tuesday. I hope I post more this year & hopefully I'll share a fun project I'm working on soon.Happy 2018.

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