HELLO 2019

5 January 2019

How I'm planning for 219

How I'm planning for 2019

How I'm planning for 2019

Hello 2019. I hope you had a great start to the year. I have missed my little space on the webs so much & this year one of my resolutions is to create lots of content, yap it's that time of the year. I found out what works for me is  writing down my goals & setting a timeline to just dictate the pace or urgency of the said goal. I found an app, goal tracker, that really helps with that. It has amazing features, my favourite being the reminder. It can remind you daily, weekly , monthly etc. So if you've set you want abs in 6 months that auto reminder will motivate you to go the gym & also clean that diet hehehe.

Do you have any resolutions for this new year? Do you have apps that help you with productivity? Please share.

 My outfit is perfect for this sunny weather. It's a sleeveless light trench with a cami, frayed hem denim, diy here, and cut-out ankle boots. Whole outfit is thrifted.

May you have a productive 2019.

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